Chapter History

Prior to the establishment of Summerville Alumnae Chapter, several visionary sorors realized a need for a Delta chapter that would provide services to improve the quality of life for the local citizens of Dorchester County.

During the late summer of 1987, Soror Ethel Harrison, a Summerville resident and member of Berkeley County Alumnae initiated efforts to establish a Dorchester County alumnae chapter. A prior attempt had failed a few years earlier because of various obstacles. This attempt, however, would be different.Through much determination, unrelenting hard work, and the refusal to accept defeat, Soror Harrison succeeded in coordinating with and organizing 19 other Deltas to answer the call to service. Sorors Johnnie G. Mazyck, Flossie G. Grundy, Juanita Hill, Linda Pindergraft-Quash, Terri Terry, Grace Wyatt and Cheryl Young, of Berkeley County Alumnae, and twelve inactive Deltas who became members-at-large in order to join forces with the active sorors, petitioned Grand Chapter for the establishment of The Summerville Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. The 784th chapter of Delta Sigma Theta was chartered on April 24, 1988 under the aegis of Soror Thelma Pettis, South Atlantic Regional Director who presided over the ceremony. Soror Maxine Patterson, president of Berkely County Alumnae assisted in the ceremony. Twenty sorors were present to sign the charter and thereafter become known as the charter members of the Summerville Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. Those sorors are: Ruth Bowman, Zeddie Boyd, Valildra Desaussure, Flossie Grundy, Ethel Harrison, Juanita Hill, Vashti Killingbeck, Shirley Jacobs, Johnnie Mazyck, Linda Patton, Linda Pendergraft-Quash, Harmoniest Simmons, Nancy Smith, Mary L. Stephens, Irma Street, Terri Terry, Doris Warren, LeVerne Williams, Grace Wyatt, and Cheryl Young.

From those twenty ecstatic Deltas, anxious and ready to impact the local community, Summerville Alumnae has continued to thrive and grow into the most active African American women’s organization in the Dorchester County area. Our membership has increased and our many accomplishments continue to be noteworthy.

Summerville Alumnae Chapter Charter Members April 24, 1988


Top Row – ( L to R)
Zeddie Boyd, Linda Patton, Valildra Dessaussure, Doris Warren, Irma Street, Laverne Williams, Shirley Jacobs, Flossie Grundy, Grace Wyatt and Harmoniest Simmons

Bottom Row – ( L to R)
Juanita Hill, Cheryl Young, Linda Pendergraft-Quash, Johnnie Mazck. Ethel Harrison, Ruth Bowman, and Nancy Smith

Not Pictured
Vashti Killingbeck, Mary L. Stephens and Terri Terry

* First President – Johnnie Mazck